Auction companies love us.

There is a reason why auction companies enjoy working with us for over 50 years. When consignors and owners send last minute changes a few days (or hours) before a sale, some other companies won't be there to answer your phone call or email. Not us. You don't clock out at 5pm and neither do we.

Custom Indexes

We can put on any sort of index at the front of a sales catalogue. No matter the type, we can typeset them and get them printer ready (or website ready, if that's your thing).

SITA Approved

Add legitamitzy to your sale by having your pedigrees follow SITA guidelines. What that means to you is it gives your buyers and sellers added confidence in the pedigrees.

More black type

Our writers strive to get as much black type on a page as possible. We hand write all of our pedigrees so we have multiple opportunities to look over and see if there's anything we can do to add more black type to it.

Give us a shot

Reach out to us and we'll show you how we can help improve your sales auction process. Our clients love us.


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